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Service presentation

The Anesthesiology is a specialty that integrates a basic formation into Physiology, Pharmacology and Anatomy, with knowledge of internal Medicine, Pediatrics, Obstetrics and Surgery in its different specialties.
Its fundamental mission is to make possible the operation looking and protecting the life of the patient in the face of the surgery. To carry out the integral attention of the patient during the surgical act, the anesthesiologist focuses its activity with the pre-operative evaluation, estimation of the anesthetic surgical risk, pre-operative optimization. Of this previous knowledge of the patient it will split the decision of the type of more suitable anesthesia: general, regional, combined or monitored sedation.
After the surgical procedure, patients are monitored in the anesthesia recovery room (URPA). On occasions, to be sick of risk or in very important interventions, the sick person goes to the Postsurgical ICU or Reanimation Unit. The Critical Care is part of the specialty and the knowledge of the critical patient is fundamental for the formation of the specialist. Another of the responsibilities of the faculty is the treatment of the acute and chronic pain that does not obey to conventional treatments and/or they require knowledge or special techniques. This is made by the Acute Pain Service and the Outpatient Pain Service
It has to be said, finally, that the Anesthesiology is a very young branch of the Medicine, with a big field of research. The development of the modern Surgery, the treatment of the refractory pain and of the techniques of hemodynamic and ventilatory support has transformed the Anesthesiology into a scientific specialty in continuous advance.
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Important aspects

Specialized Care

• Inmaculada Camprubi Sociats (Impatient Anesthesia)
• Maria Antonia Dalmau Llitjos (Acute Pain Management )
• Maria Resurreccion Sanzol Berruezo (Out Patient Anesthesia)
• Maylin-Magdalena Koo Gómez (Trauma and Orthopedics Anesthesia)
• Tomás Gracia Guerrero (Surgical Critical Care and Reanimation)
• Víctor Mayoral Rojals (Chronic Pain Clinic)

Director of program
A. Gil (Intraoperative Echocardiography)
L. G. Huete (Neurosurgical Aneshesia)

Ambulatory Area 


Pain Service

Anesthesia Out of the Surgical Area

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Collaboration with other entities

The Service is involved in Teaching of Degree in the Faculty of Medicine and to the Faculty of Odontology. It has four professors.

The postgraduate course teaching is carried out through the medical residence, seven anesthesiologist are involved in Residence training tutoritzacion.

The lines of research of the Service are focused on in the pharmacology, techniques of physiological monitorització, analysis of morbimortalitat, basic and clinical research of the pain

New and Media of the Department
Rounds and lectures: Advances en Anesthesiology and Reanimation

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Service's news

General goals of the Department

 Reinforcing and updating the knowledge of the specialists and residents of the Service
The Anesthesiology and Reanimation in the face of the technological evolution, the constant changes
Performance, handling and treatment of the most severe pathologies.

Specific goals of the Department

  • Developing the new methods of pre-operative appraisal of the patients.
  • Applying the new tools to prevent operative complications
  • Short and long term outcome and Quality of life of the patients
  • Carrying out the prophylaxes of the thromboembolic phenomena associated to the surgical process and to manage homeostasis, and coagulation in the surgical period
  • Updating neural blockades



Information patients need to know

• Telephone: 00 34 932 607 323
• Fax: 00 34 932 607 848

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  • Building: Edifici Principal
  • Floor: 2