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The University Hospital of Bellvitge once more obtains the TOP 20 award for best global management

TOP 20 2012

Bellvitge University Hospital has been awarded for the forth consecutive year and the sixth time during its history (2004, 2006, 2009, 2010, 2011 and 2012) as one of the best hospitals in Spain.
The TOP 20 award recognizes best global management practice evaluating very demanding indicators of activity, quality and efficiency. This year more than 160 hospitals throughout the state were evaluated. They were divided into several categories depending on the size and complexity.

The HUB participated in the highest category the one for Major National and Regional Hospitals of Reference. Other hospitals awarded in this category are Agrupació Sanitària Sant Joan de Déu - Hospital Clinic of Barcelona, Hospital de Sant Pau - Puigvert Foundation and the University of Salamanca Healthcare Center.

Besides the award for best global management, the Hub has also been recognized as a Top 20 Hospital in the area of  kidney and urinary tract.

The Top 20excellence award has been organized for over 12 years by the company IASIST. It is the only ones that established a ranking among Spanish hospitals using a methodology that compares results adjusted by complexity of the pathology treated and the centers (benchmarking). This analysis includes comparative data for average hospital stay, complication rate, mortality rate, surgery without hospital stay rate, avoidable hospital stay rate, readmission rate, productivity and cost. 
guest speaker Prof. Guillem López Casasnovas, who gave a lecture entitled To a health system reliable and flexible.

TOP 20 Hospitals is the only objective program assessment of acute hospitals in Spain, and is based on objective indicators of quality, performance and efficiency, obtained from Data centers typically records. The health sector and provides a useful comparison for the improved results.

This year 165 hospitals have participated voluntarily, t he highest number of participants so far, of which 134 were from the National Health System and 31 were private.